for the information age


Many of us are having unprecedented digital work, educational, entertainment, medical and communication experiences. While others are on on the frontlines, providing essential services.  


How we can maintain our humanity, awareness of our selves and others through this amazing evolution? After all, we must live. We must work. We must love. We must, from time to time, look up and see the moon, we must see one another. These bite-sized stories chronicle my efforts, both pitiful and successful, to keep the digital world in its place – as a fantastically powerful and useful tool rather than an all-consuming way of life.


My hope is that they help you do the same.

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Updated: Mar 11, 2020

I no longer look at people. I glance at people. Then I glance at my phone. I glance back up at them.

Interactions have become snapshots. Boom, there’s my kid. Boom, there’s my phone screen telling me something critical. Boom, there’s my kid. Boom, there’s an email notification for an art exhibit at MoMa. Giacometti. Lumbering bronze creatures. Boom there’s my kid. Saying something. Wait, boom there’s a post of one of the wonders of the world – the most beautiful. Hanging Gardens of Babylon. How lovely. Wait, my kid. Boom. Wait. He has left the room. Ah. Now I can properly focus on the wonders of the world.

Updated: Mar 11, 2020

Is it OK that I check my phone over 150 times a day while I am at work, with my loved ones, driving, trying to fall asleep? Is it OK that I no longer sleep, but instead, shop online for things I will never buy? Is it OK that I cannot be one second without my phone without panicking?

Is it OK that I read my newsfeed 100 times a day, but do nothing to make anything on Earth any better? Is it OK that I no longer have the attention span to read a book, an article, a long email?

Is it OK that I cannot focus on one thing at a time anymore, and that a visceral and repulsive boredom overcomes me when I try? Is it OK that I feel like shit and that the internet is my only salve? Is it OK that I am more connected than ever, but I feel more alone then ever?

Is it OK? Is it?