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for the information age



These bite-sized stories chronicle my efforts, both pitiful and successful,

to navigate the rapidly-changing world.


My hope is that they help you do the same.

christmas motive - cross section of red

Updated: Mar 11, 2020

My phone is really good in bed. The lights are off, but she’s all lit up. Oh god, I love her in bed. I really do. I want her. She’s there but never tugging at me too hard, just purring softly. When she’s in bed with me, I never get much sleep. You know what I mean.

Updated: Mar 11, 2020

I check my social media feed in the dentist office waiting room. A family on a ski trip, hatted and goggled, eyeless and faceless is stacked on top of a me too sexual harassment story which is atop a call for gun control, a plea from a friend to save cats in an animal shelter who are scheduled for slaughter, a photo of my niece at her school spring festival with a garland of yellow blooms round her crown. An ache begins to rise in my stomach. So that, when I am called in for my root canal, I am relieved.

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